Does every business need an online presence? Yes! Not having online visibility in today’s marketplace will hold your business back, guaranteed. Let’s explore five reasons every business needs an online presence.

 1.  Expanding Reach

The number one benefit of an online presence is REACH. Reach refers to the estimated number of potential customers/clients you could reach through a specific campaign or advertising medium.

Your online presence gives you access to the global marketplace. It expands your reach by connecting you with a more significant number of people who might be interested in your products/services. Because selling is a numbers game, your odds are increased exponentially through online visibility.

2.  Visibility 24/7

Many of today’s customers prefer to visit a website to learn about products and services, instead of simply visiting you or your shop in person.

As long as it’s supported by a solid marketing plan for your business, your online presence will connect you with prospects and future customers you may never have met otherwise.

Your online presence provides your customers with access to your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And it will give you access to the global marketplace.

3.  Clear Communication

Online marketing allows you to communicate with clients and customers electronically. You don’t need to be available around the clock to do business around the clock. With your website, you can conduct your entire business online!

4.  Your Online Presence Levels the Playing Field

No matter how large or small your business is you will be able to compete on a larger scale with companies that do what you do all over the world. It won’t matter if you are a one-person operation or have 50 employees. You control your audience perception with your website and social media activity.

5.  Reduce Expenses

Another benefit for your business in having online visibility is the money you will save on business expenses: No paper, ink or postage to worry about. Your online marketing often pays for itself.

Do you have to run your entire business over the Internet to benefit?

Absolutely not. Having a brick and mortar address is still great but with an online presence, your reach will expand beyond those customers who literally walk through your doors. Or you may not want the expense or even need an office or a storefront. You can begin by running your business from home with an email address or a small website. Fat Jack’s Coffee is a great example of how you can create online visibility with a small website.

With an online presence, your business will grow quickly because the opportunity for an expanded REACH globally is fairly limitless. And the best part of having an online presence is you can manage your business from anywhere in the world! Sitting on a beach, taking a cruise or from the comfort of your own home.

Judith Cassis is a book coach and writer. She guest blogs for Fat Jack’s Coffee and also leads live and online workshops for entrepreneurs.